Retail Coaching: Method by Benoit Mahe

Benoit Mahé, Retail Coach, creator of the Retail Coaching method motivates the Retail teams, inspires managers to give a new dimension to their management, brings back the baker’s smile to the teams in the point of sale networks, and to their customers.

Thanks to his knowledge based on Retail Coaching your teams will live an unforgettable moment, a shopping experience in conference format, stimulating the keys to success with the teams in stores and restaurants. Based on 25 years of experience, Benoit shares very concrete examples of retail life in stores. How can salespeople be involved in improving sales results? Benoit Mahé, an international expert in Retail Coaching and Emotional Intelligence, synthesizes his experience with the latest contributions of neuropsychology, omnichannel transition and the need to find new reserves of productivity in the hands of teams.

Thus Benoit shares success stories of networks that have resulted in more motivated teams involved in improving sales indicators and KPIs. That’s why conference participants say they find them: impactful, unique, stimulating, passionate, funny, moving, sincere… like business. These interventions drive and accompany a cultural change within companies.
Benoit Mahé is the creator of Retail Coaching and the reference speaker worldwide. Read on to learn more about him!

Transform Retail thanks to the team

Transforming Retail thanks to People

Retail Conferences

Benoit Mahé offers 4 different and complementary conference formulas. He knows how to motivate and involve the audience. He adapts his message to the specific challenge of each company, taking into account the type of event: Annual Meeting, General Assembly, Sales Team Convention, Product Presentation, Franchisees Committees, National and International Congresses.

Sales Coaching

A motivated team is essential to increase sales and average ticket. Benoit Mahé shows you how in this conference for managers and entrepreneurs.


Coach your Retail team like a football team! ” Manage men, in a changing room or in a network of stores, accompany them towards victory thanks to rituals decisions to be made, communication to be managed, stress to be managed, etc… “. Let’s learn from coach Zidane.

The smile of the Baker

Have you ever entered into a french bakery? The essence of commerce, proximity, additional selling. Discover the secrets of my french bakery with Benoit Mahé!

Excellent connnected salesperson

How to preserve and adapt the customer experience? How to adopt technology? How to keep dancing with the client? How to amaze the customer?

Retail Success Stories


As a Retail Speaker and Retail Coaching expert, Benoit acts for brands and networks during company conventions. Retail chains (fashion, shoes, cosmetics, hairdressing, bakery, jewellery, DIY, kitchen, supermarkets, department stores, etc.), banking and insurance networks, hospitality chains (fast food, hotels, etc.), industry associations (fashion, food service, etc.) and other associations, construction), franchisee and member networks, chambers of commerce, retail associations, retail congresses, seminars… multiple organizations allowed their members to benefit from the experience of Benoit Mahé’s conferences.


Do you want to increase the productivity of your business and your team? How can we continue offering exceptional services in this omnichannel era? Benoit Mahé has all the keys to take your business and your teams to the top and will teach you how to adapt your business to digitalization and offer customers an unforgettable experience.

retail book

Retail Coaching

This book combines the best techniques of coaching and NLP with Retail KPI’s.

sales book

The connected salesperson

Reconciling omnichannel sales techniques and the emotion of shopping to boost the company’s performance.

Conferences for entrepreneurs

Encourage your team with motivational lectures and videos by Benoit Mahé