Who is Benoit Mahe? Salesman since the age of 16 in the Vannes market, Regional Director of 13 stores at the age of 25, Manager of a chain of 8,000 points of sale at the age of 34, Benoit Mahé has lived his career and his vocation as a merchant with the passion of business, and also sometimes with frustration, in his ability to encourage, involve and commit teams to extraordinary results.


Certified as an ICF PCC professional coach, as a Master in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), as an instructor in MBTI personality types, Benoit Mahé wrote his books “Retail Coaching” and, later, “The Connected Seller”, each published in 80 countries. in 3 languages ​​(French, English and Spanish); thus turning this frustration into a method: Retail Coaching.


Through his company CapKelenn, and surrounded by a growing team of professional Retail coaches, Benoit Mahé has launched and perfected the Retail Coaching method, a synthesis of professional coaching, emotional intelligence, NLP, awareness of types of personalities, applied to commercial effectiveness, the balanced scorecard, productivity and profitability.


Thanks to professional associations such as the AFCP (Association Française des Conférenciers Professionnels) and the GSF (Global Speaker Federation), Benoit has learned from the best speakers and world-selling lecturers, theater actors, peerless communicators, comedians, athletes inspiring, in France, the United States and internationally. Benoit has become what Americans call a Motivational Retail speaker.

Ability to connect with an audience, to “board” a room, to “dance” with an assembly and to achieve a unique sales conference experience.

Ability to connect with an audience, to “board” a room, to “dance” with an assembly and to achieve a unique sales conference experience.


Benoit Mahé knows how to motivate and involve the audience. He is versatile and can both bring new ideas and encourage public participation.
On his sales motivational conferences he adapts his message to the specific challenge of each company, taking into account the type of event: Annual Meeting, General Meeting, Sales Team Convention, Product Presentation, Franchise Committee, National and International Conventions.



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The connected salesperson

Reconciling omnichannel sales techniques and the emotion of the act of buying to boost the company’s performance.