Proud to be seller

Por el 20 de March de 2016 | 7:25 pm

conferencias para vendedores

Recently I told a good friend what exactly I do in the workshops, events and conferences conducted around the world. He was surprised of my combinations of phrases and words I use to describe what it means to me this wonderful work.

Mainly, I try to explain my strong commitment that sellers and retailers could contribute to a better world. In our society there is a widespread prejudice for which there is not a salesperson who can be honest. Often it generalizes in the minds of society’s phrase : “Sell at any price”. It is not surprising that many who are engaged in this wonderful profession are ashames to raise their heads and say: I am a seller.

The root of the problems are all negative labels that many have associated with the profession of the seller. This is caused by many people who have felt cheated by a bad professional. But like any profession in life, generalize the negative things generates labels very difficult to erase. It is true that many vendors are working to get the highest return and fulfill its objectives, but the end no often justifies the means.

Day after day, I see that there are many sellers who have major trouble recognizing your profession. In the end this nonrecognition, causes that the word “seller” or “commercial” become a taboo.

For this reason, and by the negative historical and cultural burden on the profession, I invite you to go beyond the image and see the virtues of his profession. The commercial that I propose is a professional who listens and understands the needs of the people trying to help. Good professionals have to increase customer loyalty and praise in its proper place, and after meeting, he must be aware that he contributed to their satisfaction. A good salesperson has to know how to manage with the customer and accompany him on every move. The seller is a guide, a teacher and a counselor. Selling allows connection with the client to feel safe and comfortable.

Vendors have a huge social responsibility, and for this reason I am proud to help so that they can contribute to a better world.

From this point of view, looks up and be proud to belong to this beautiful profession.